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Mail Enable Standard (Free Personal Version) là một mail server cho Windows NT/2000/XP, hỗ trợ cho SMTP, POP3, một số lượng không giới hạn các địa chỉ e-mail, tên miền và nhóm danh sách các e-mail. Chương trình còn có một tùy chọn relay khá mạnh, các xác nhận của SMTP, APOP và một vài thứ khác để chống spam. Chương trình sử dụng MMC console, mọi thứ chỉnh sửa điều khiển đều khá dễ thông qua một giao diện cũng rất tiện lợi cho bạn dễ dàng nắm bắt nội dung cần làm.

Dung lượng: 4,954 Mb.

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MailEnable's Messaging Services Platform is a powerful and scalable hosted messaging platform for the Microsoft Windows platform. All the elements of a professional and high performance mail server have been integrated into MailEnable with all the difficult and tedious aspects sheltered as advanced configuration options.

MailEnable boasts simplicity, scalability, performance, extensibility, affordability and much more. With easy to follow instructions and logical installation wizards, you can literally have your mail server up and running in minutes.

MailEnable Standard Edition is free for both commercial and personal use and merges core multi-tennant messaging services with a powerful administration package.

MailEnable's Professional version includes Webmail, web Administration, Anti-Virus scanning, POP Retrieval, HTTPMail and Developer Tools effectively allowing you to establish yourself as a mail hosting provider. With the use of standard Microsoft technology (such as ASP, IIS, VB, C++, etc.) you are able to easily modify and expand on the services.

Simple, Powerful, Scalable and Effective.
MailEnable Standard Edition (Free)
Release Date: 2nd October 2003
Version: 1.71 Download
POP3 ServiceSMTP Service
Powerful MMC Administration ToolSupports unlimited number of domains
Supports unlimited number of emailsSupports groups/distribution lists
Autoresponder and Autoforward MailboxesAnti-spam control
List server...and much more

MailEnable Professional Edition (US$195 per server)
Release Date: 31st December 2003
Version: 1.15 Download
All Services included in MailEnable Standard EditionWeb Mail
Web AdministrationHTTPMail Service
Support for 3rd party Anti-VirusMailEnable POP Retrieval
MailEnable COM Component...and much more

MailEnable Enterprise Edition (approx. $400-500 US)
Release Date: Jan 2004
Version: Beta Available Soon (Note: A full credit is provided for the purchase price of Professional where the license has been purchased within the last 12 months)
All Services included in MailEnable Standard EditionAll Services included in MailEnable Professional Edition
IMAP4 AccessWeb Calendaring
Message Filtering and Event ProcessingEnhanced Anti-Spam facilities
Clustering Support (define management clusters and server groups)Remote Administration (MMC can be run on remote workstations to manage enterprise clusters)
MAPI Service (provides enhanced Microsoft Outlook connectivity)Database Configuration Store (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL)
Basic Directory ManagementOptimized Services (for speed and scalability)
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